Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG - Electric children's car gray

Sale price€224,99
Welcome to, the place where children can make their dreams come true with their own electric children's car! And now we have something special in our range: the Mercedes G63 AMG children's car in the color gray! This tough and eye-catching model is perfect for young adventurers who want to ride in style.

This electric children's car is inspired by the famous Mercedes G63 AMG and offers a realistic and exciting driving experience for children aged 3 to 6 years. With its detailed and authentic design, including the iconic Mercedes grille, chrome accents, and tough rims, your child will really feel like a mini-driver.

The gray Mercedes G63 AMG children's car is powered by a powerful 12V motor, which ensures a smooth and quiet ride. With its forward and reverse gears, children can easily maneuver and drive around on different surfaces, such as grass, sidewalks, and pavement. The car is equipped with real doors that open and close, making getting in and out just like in a real car.

This kid's car also comes with a number of useful features, such as a remote control that allows parents to take control and drive the car, speed limits for added safety, and an MP3 connection so kids can listen to their favorite music while they drive.

Safety comes first at, which is why the gray Mercedes G63 AMG children's car is equipped with seat belts, a sturdy chassis, and a soft-start function to minimize jerks when accelerating. In addition, the car is easy to operate with a clear dashboard and steering wheel with a horn.

In short, the Mercedes G63 AMG children's car is the perfect choice for young car enthusiasts who are looking for a tough, reliable, and safe electric children's car. Order now at and give your child the ride of their life with the Mercedes G63 AMG children's car!

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